Wednesday, April 4, 2007


exhibition room

discussion "name the dipoliticalization of cyber feminisms!
lizvlx and her baby

evelin, karin and ivana at the dicussion

Lizvlx work on the back - psych/OS generator


evelin presenting world of women avatars

cym's work

Lady Tigers Night Club LTNC - Divanova and Reni, Evelin

Magic Garden pet

Magic Garden, by the Ladie Tigers Night Club - Divanova and Reni

Nina and Suzanne - on the back work of Deb King

Angela - our camera woman

Rudolfine climbing

evelin and suzanne

presentation - carla, nina, suzanne and francesco

knitting in circles

working together - faces dinner

working together setting the table

working together

Faces web

Valie - Ivana - Reni - Eva

Aileen and Nina


Valie and Diana

ivana and evelin

Nina's (my independent woman naima pissing drawing)

Faces celebration cake